My way

I am born into a very old family. My early childhood was like a fairytale, surrounded by nature, Baltic Sea and the old stories. My father took us into the woods and explained us the trees, plants and the history of the land. I spent a lot of time in the sheepfold, while our shepherd introduced me to the healing herbs. I played with my siblings and the neighboured children in the old castle of my grandparents. The great and wonderful rooms held stories and secrets which only speak to children's imagination and fantasy. My grandparents told us legends and fairytales and I can still remember the smell of the countless old books in their big library.
So I dreamt and played through my childhood and grew up to face the challenges of adolescence. I had to leave my roots and all I was accustomed to, to explore my inner and outer horizons: travelling, surviving several adventures, knocking off some dragon's heads, finding my very own identity. Finally life threw me back to my home beaches. After I have been working in my parental company for five years - my father had opened his ancestors' castle for weddings, art, tourism, festivities and a restaurant - reality hit us hard in 2004. Due to immense financial problems we were forced to close the company and to sell the castle, the village, the surrounding lands and woods, which had been in the hands of our family for more than 300 years.

Besides the pain and sorrow I soon realized the chance, to reinvent my life. I put down my armor, that I had worn so many years, to dig out the old hidden treasures of my childhood. Bit by bit the knowledge about herbs and the deep connection to nature came to light again.

First I visited plenty of workshops on herbal medicine, wellness massages, singing bowl meditation and body work and than in 2005 I founded my own company "Amalind". To make a living I offered wellness massages. After finishing an intensive 2 year long education on herbal and plant medicine at the medicinal plants school in Verden I started giving herbal tours through our landscape. The more I was in contact with the land, the nature and the people the deeper I dived into my very own source of creativity: sweet little fairytales rose up from inside the corners of my heart.

Stories and fairytales...another deep memory awoke after a long sleep. I remembered the stories my grandparents told me . Actually I was helping my father to sort out the old family archive, while he was telling me new old familylegends. This was the hour of the initial idea to become a storyteller. So I visited a two year course with Jana Raile to learn what it needs to become a storyteller. In that time I collected the stories of the land, the Grimm fairytales and continued writing my own little tales. And now I have a wonderful treasure chest that is constantly filling. Who knows what the future will bring...the story is not at an end yet…