Jewelry box

H ere you can see some of my own creations. I have always loved jewelry and today many decoltees of friends and clients are ornated with my little treasures. For many years I have only used gemstones, which I combined in a healthy supporting way. I still follow this idea but now I love adding other materials like wood, glass etc. My jewelry gets names, because I am convinced that this gives them their personal character. Sometimes I show my little treasures on a market, in a shop or at an exhibition. I am always open for new ideas. Feel free to let me know if you have a fitting location to present my jewelry.


In diese Elfen versuche ich, den Zauber der Blumen einzufangen. Die meisten Blüten und Blätter sind getrocknet; eine Besonderheit bilden die gefriergetrockneten Rosen, die die Elfen in barocke Edeldamen verwandeln. Edelsteine und Perlen bringen noch mehr Farbe in diese zarten Erscheinungen.