Herbal Wisdom

Do plants follow us?

D id you ever realize that the healing herbs we need the most seemed to follow us? In the garden sometimes herbs just appear out of nowhere. The wind or birds have carried the seeds to this place. And It is also very interesting which plants are growing in the garden. They may give us an indication which part of our body needs support.

Giersch is a bomb of vitamine C, which we all need in springtime. Dandelions are good for the liver and frech nettles are wonderful suppliers of silica and iron and they water our kidneys.

I love the idea that the herbs are coming our way when we need them most.


The positive impacts of nettle are uncountable and it would take long to write them all down. But there is something that many people don' t know. Under a microscope you can see that the stinging hairs are phials which contain the medicine. They make me think of elven bottles as they look like glas.

Seldom potted plant

Some time ago I had a potted plants garden, where I had the most important herbs. One of the pots must have received a very special seed, because one morning I found this extra sweet, purring and furry plant...