Amalind Massages

T he Massages can be booked either for 40 minutes or for 70 minutes. Nearly all the 40 minutes treatments cost 45,-€ and for 70 minutes 69,00€. Only Hot stone and herbal stamp massages are 40 minutes for 49,-€ and 70 minutes for 75,-€. Massages for children take 40 minutes and cost 39,-€. I provide towels and sheets and after the massage there are about 5 minutes rest.

Where do I work?

On Thursday I am in the Strandspa in Dahme. Besides the offers of the house I have three specials there: Singing Bowl - Massage, Amber - Buckthorn- Massage and Singing bowl meditation in the salt cave. If you are interested just call the Strandspa and ask.

Tuesday's I am working in the Saunahaus at Stranddorf Augustenhof. Look up the PDF to get more information and feel free to call me.

Otherwise I am mobile and could visit your place. My favorite offer is a lady's afternoon, where girls or women book me for a wellness time they share together.

Why "Amalind"?

W hen I was searching for a name for my company a friend of mine found out where my name "Amely" was coming from. "Ama" means "the brave" or "the sword" and "Lind" is "the gentle" or "the lindentree".

It needs courage to be selfemployed and it is very important to be gentle, especially when you want to offer and share a good time with other people.

My massages are very gentle and creative, as I have brought all that I have learned together and combined it harmoniously.