The Moon of the mermaids

Heute gibt es mal was Englisches! Dieses Gedicht flüsterten mir vor einigen Jahren die Meerjungfrauen in St.Yves in Cornwall zu. Es zu übersetzen, würde ihm wohl den Schwung nehmen…

Some years ago in St Yves in Cornwall the mermaids whispered to me these beautiful words…

The Moon of the mermaids

Night has risen
Moon and stars
Ocean is calling
Waves that pass.

Rocks are shining
Dark at nights
Something is shimmering
In the lights.

Mermaids sitting
In the sand.
Singing songs
Of an unknown land.

The ocean is glooming
In their eyes
Their hair is red
Like summerfires.

Shells are opening
To the melody
Showing pearls
That are a hearts remedy.